Tasty Curry Biltong: The Origin Story

Tasty Curry Biltong: The Origin Story

Hi it's Dave here, the founder of Doctor Proctor's Beef Biltong.

Many people already know and love our delicious and addictive Tasty Curry Beef Biltong, but few know the fascinating story behind its origins. I thought I'd write this blog and share with you how it all began.

How it all began

If you didn't know already, Biltong actually originates from my birth country, South Africa. Before I came out to Australia to start up Doctor Proctor’s Beef Biltong, I grew up in a city called Durban – known for having good surf and the largest Indian population outside of India.

Back when I was a kid, I remember being exposed to all kinds of delicious food, one of such being the famous ‘Bunny Chow’, a South African (mainly Durban) fast-food curry consisting of a hollowed-out loaf of white bread filled with delicious Beef; Lamb; Chicken’ Fish or Vegetable curry.

After a day surfing on the weekend myself and mates would drum up a huge appetite, so instead of using our bus ticket money to get home, we'd use it to buy a ‘Bunny’. There was nothing better than scoffing a bunny on the beach and it was well worth the hitchhike home. Fast forward a few decades, Doctor Proctor’s had already launched, and I was looking for the newest Biltong flavour to create.

Enter Tasty Curry Beef Biltong

I combined the exotic flavours of my childhood Bunny Chow memories, with the addictive, chewy biltong textures we already knew and loved. The result? An authentic and totally addictive biltong recipe that is not only delicious but also pays tribute to its South African and Indian roots. The flavours are exactly like I remember.

If you'd like to give it a go, you can purchase our Tasty Curry Beef Biltong now over on our shop. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!

– Dave, Founder of Doctor Proctor's Beef Biltong


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